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The best parts of paper to do lists and online productivity tools in one place.

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Merini generates a daily printout each day, using information from your Google Calendar and your previous to-dos. It's a little like bullet journaling, but with less manual copying. Unlike other websites, Merini is designed so that it looks beautiful for print.

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📄 Formatted for Paper

Merini looks great whether you use it online, or print on physical paper

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✅ To-Dos

Sortable to-dos, ready to be crossed out with a pen! Powerup with auto-recurring tasks, snooze features, and reminders.

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📅 Calendar Integration

Sync with Google Calendar and bring your day with you.

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🏃 Habit Tracker

Track your daily habits on paper. Nothing satisfies like a physical checkmark!

Paper is Better

We're tactile people. We love the look and feel of writing on real, actual, paper, and it doesn't get in the way and become a distraction during the day.  (We've noticed the battery life and boot time is pretty good, too.) We make sure to recycle!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sync my physical notes back to the tool?

How often is the calendar and to-do list data updated?

Can I connect and import tasks from existing tools?

Can I get a ChatGPT summary of my email / news?

Can I print a specific time range, like just the upcoming week or month?

Are the to-do list fields customizable?

What about recurring notes and reminders?


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